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11:19pm 25/10/2004
  Friday, November 12th
StarDust at Surrey Central Skytrain Station
The Exclaimers? + guests
$8, doors at 7:30

Be there or be triangle. It's going to be a good one, though.

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07:52pm 03/08/2004

Jayden will return to LJ shortly. Give him a day or so. (Internet problems)


(People like me care, so, hippity ho, an entry!)





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You're Still Around? 
07:45pm 02/08/2004
  Yeah, I'm here. I have two songs, too. Shitty quality, so to speak, but awesome, nonetheless.

Here they are, both have no names yet, suggestions are welcome.



Enjoy. Spread the word about Xeero!

X-Posted in xeero... Sort of.


03:44am 07/07/2004
  Xeero is awesome.  

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Yeah, Man! 
11:17pm 19/04/2004
  Alright, man, I'm making new stuff. Today I started on my first actual song. It'll have drums, two guitars, and a bass if I feel like it. Title so far is "Ess Dag", because that's what I mashed into the keyboard when I had no name for it (sdag). I'll probably work on it some more tomorrow or Wednesday night.  


12:58pm 17/04/2004
  Haven't posted in here for some time, woops. Started making songs again, though. So far it's looking spiffy. Expect to see something in a week-ish? Maybe I'll upload some covers my dad and I did.  


New Contest 
09:30pm 28/03/2004
  Okay, you remember when I started making music, when I asked people for subjects to make songs about? We're doing that again.

What's the contest part? I don't know... You... Suggest stuff to me?

I'll... I don't know. I have no idea at all.

Just do it. Tell me what to make a song about.

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02:05pm 18/03/2004
  Accidently added 2nd guitar to the song I made before (It's called "Crass", becuase that's what I called the first track when I saved it... The second was Crass2)

Anyways... They're both unlike anything I've ever done before. One of them I shouldn't say "I've ever done", because it's not just me. Recorded it with Kayla, and we have a multi-instrument multi-singer band.

The second is no vocals, just me playing guitar, and then overtop of that I put some funky lead. Yep yep.

The Emo Song (Song)
Crass (Song)

I'm also debating whether to keep Crass as each guitar on either right or left, or to mix them together? I forgot to do it, originally, and one dude said he liked it like that... Sounded Mexican.

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01:34pm 18/03/2004
  Made a new song, woops. It don't have a title yet. I'll do that later.

Computer will be in soon, probably next week. Once I get it hopefully everything will sound like 50x better. Hopefully.

I'm going to try to get guest musicians to accompany me on things. That way it will be easy. Rock the fuck on.


A Poor Young Boy (In The Middle Ages) 
05:31pm 04/03/2004
  A Poor Young Boy (In The Middle Ages) (Song) (Lyrics)  


11:18pm 01/03/2004
  Hot damn! I'll be getting that new computer in a week or two. Things are progressing much faster than I had anticipated.

I may make a song with me playing some wacky guitar stuff, then just have me talking or telling a story overtop. It'll be neat.


06:56pm 01/03/2004
  I doubt I'll be recording until I get my new sound rig (Going to get a computer next to the equipment so's I can directly record, woot!)

Don't expect anything for a while... Although I don't know how long.


Mad Nigga, Bitch 
03:34pm 23/02/2004
  Mad Nigga, Bitch (Song)

Yeah man, recording started sooner than expected. Got in touch with the rap and the beat boxing.

Here's what I wrote about the song:
I just started freestylin' it up one day. I wanted to have some drums in there, because that's what all the cool rappers do, so I just started hitting the desk in front of me. It's in there, you can hear it representin'.


11:46pm 22/02/2004
  Good day today.

Figured out how to get GoldWave to let me record drums/bass/guitar/vocals all individually. This will make everything 10x more awesome and 10x harder (probably).

Expect new material in a week or something.


11:26pm 19/02/2004
  Whoa shit, son. This is a major update (Aren't they all?)

I got a new song here that's over 8 minutes long. It was originally 10, but I cut a minute or two out, so there you have it. It's broken into 4 parts, each forming a story.

The story is called "The Awesome Midgeteer Quadruplet". It has no tabs because it was totally improv.

Part 1 - Angry Ghost Pirates Strike
Part 2 - And They're Super Angry
Part 3 - Angrier Is Better
Part 4 - But Everything Is Angry


04:15pm 18/02/2004
  I told that Kutz fella at school about the ol' homepage (This site, you knackerberry!). Told him where to find some music, but I think I gave him the wrong instructions.

That's unflagilantly not uncool.

Ah well, I will talk the chum tomorrow at the class of Film & TV. We're making a silent film and it will feature a clip of Fighting Alien Thief, so I'll get that clip up here when/if I can. Shouldn't be hard.

Anyways, I hope the Kutz fella likes the music, maybe he'll get his superpunx friends into me too, that'd be rad; I'd have transended the boundry of musical crowd things. I'd have the dorky kids from the 3rd floor as well as the superpunx from superpunk land or wherever the hell it is.

I wonder if they know they shouldn't take me seriously. Hrmm... Oh well, if they don't I'll just get amused by it all. Then angry. And then I'll have to haul ass in the pit.


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5 Seconds To Zero 
08:47pm 14/02/2004
  New song. I decided to not make it serious, but make it a humorous song about death as well as all those stupid poets who write everything in a super vague way and people go, "Holy shit it's so awesome!" but really it's just some random shit put together. YAY EVERYTHING!

Catch my drift, y'alls?

I don't know about CD stuff this thing'll be on, but oh well.

5 Seconds To Zero (Song) (Lyrics)

Did I say I mailed the CDs? Well, I did. I don't know when they'll arrive, but they're in the mail.


De L'amour! 
03:30pm 13/02/2004
  Awesome Edition Of "The Battle Between..." no longer exists, or at least, not by me. michlechuk has the only copy. I'm sure random songs of the awesome edition are still around.

I just didn't like them.

My friend Scott made a poster for me, in exchange for a CD. We have put up 3 at my school of tres awesome. Going to put up some more on Monday (All around the area). We should have a good healthy supply because he's going to be getting 100 or so photocopied at his dad's work.

I'll post the poster wheneeever I get a copy (He has the original so's he can photocopy it).

Cheery-o, good lads! I have also found out how to do neat things with Goldwave, which I will be making my primary program for doing sound stuff. Many thanks to ddork for telling me about it.

Lastly, I may have said this already, but CDs will be mailed tonight (99% guarantee!) to toy__soldier, cistle, and ddork tonight.

I hope you all have a safe Hallmark Day.


09:50pm 12/02/2004
  I just scrapped all but one song for the next CD.


Because I want this one to be actually good. I want it to be a CD people will hold and say, "Wow, this CD is truely good. I will put it in my CD player and listen to it and enjoy it, not just laugh because it's so... Something."

Catch my drift?

This means:
-It will be played in time (Too bad I'll be using drum loops... If you can even hear them
-It will be an actual music CD, not a data CD
-Will have an actual inside booklet (*Need stapler)
-Not be random chords and screaming (*I am getting singing lessons)


03:21pm 11/02/2004
  Made $5.50 today. Quite pleased. I'll be making s'more CDs tonight.

I was going to go to the post office today after school to get the prices on sending CDs out to New York and Vancouver Island, but it was too goddamn hot so I just went home.

Tomorrow, though!